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//Ubiquitous Connectivity

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"Welcome to the Ubiquitous Connectivity page. Along with Geospatial Intelligence, this makes up the major technology focuses of the Catapult for the 2018-2023 strategy. With 5G communications in preparation for commercialisation, this is an exciting time for the connectivity sector, and we are delighted to be a part of it. See below for some of our core areas of interest within Ubiquitous Connectivity, and get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can work together."

Ashweeni Beeharee, Head of Ubiquitous Connectivity

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Why Ubiquitous Connectivity?

Why Ubiquitous Connectivity?

Integration of terrestrial and satellite communications does not happen as standard due to a lack of adequate systems and standards. We are investigating and proposing new ways to drive mainstream adoption of communications and positioning technologies.

We are establishing the Westcott 5G Step-Out Centre to engage the market in the development of new products and services ready for commercial deployment for 5G in 2020.

Within Ubiquitous Connectivity, we are focusing on:

  • Pervasive devices
  • Consolidated smart networks
  • Frugal computing

In addition, we are supporting our other market areas with connectivity capabilities.

Our Focus Areas

Our activities are focused around these core areas

Pervasive Devices

We are working alongside research and industry partners to develop devices that fit the needs of ever-evolving technologies.

Consolidated Smart Networks

Satellites can work with other networks to provide a seamless coverage that would not otherwise be possible. We are demonstrating capabilities to integrate with other solutions in order to take advantage of this.

Frugal computing

We are looking to develop device concepts and demonstrators to address the issues of various market segments by adapting existing device hardware or proposing new designs.

How does 5G work and what can it do?

The Satellite Applications Catapult is involved in various projects utilising 5G to improve connectivity in areas such as remote healthcare and agriculture.

This short video explains the 5G network, how it connects, and its applications to everyday life. 

// Get in touch

Click the button to get in touch with the Ubiquitous Connectivity team for collaboration enquiries or for further information on our work in this area.

Ashweeni Beeharee
Head of Ubiquitous Connectivity

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