S3 EP11: OpenConstellation: Launching into the Future

Series 3

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Today, in our series finale, we’re venturing once again into the world of small satellites, discussing the latest partnership between the Catapult and Open Cosmos to build and launch a key demonstration satellite to join the Open Cosmos OpenConstellation.

The Open Cosmos OpenConstellation is a global shared satellite infrastructure built to provide diverse, frequent, and reliable data of our changing planet. This new satellite, expected to launch as early as next year, will gather and process Earth observation imagery that can be used to develop solutions to challenges in the Atlantic Ocean, from illegal fishing to ocean pollution.

Episode Guests


Gary Cannon

Space Segment Lead

Satellite Applications Catapult

Jordi Barrera Ars

Vice President of Technology

Open Cosmos

Florian Deconinck

Vice President of Growth

Open Cosmos

Episode Host


Dallas Campbell

Broadcaster and Writer

Dallas presents some of television’s most popular factual programmes, his immersive documentaries lift the curtain on our human planet, giving audiences of all ages and backgrounds an exclusive backstage pass to some of the world’s most fascinating stories, ideas and places.

Beyond television, Dallas is an author, speaker, and ambassador for STEM education. He works closely with several major outreach initiatives which help kids across the UK think creatively about technology and innovation. He works internationally with the British Council’s FameLab project, designing and running workshops for early career academics, helping them hone their science communication skills.


  • Press release: Open Cosmos and the Satellite Applications Catapult sign agreement for an OpenConstellation satellite. Click here to read.
  • The Satellite Applications Catapult Small Satellite Market Intelligence update is a quarterly report that follows the fast growing interest in small satellites with the intention to make data on the sector free and accessible. Click here to access.
  • Visit our Projects Hub to find out more about our first three IOD launches:
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