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Powered by the Satellite Applications Catapult

Space Commercialisation Engine

A dedicated blend of design and business capability, with access to Earth Observation data and expertise, to grow your business and make a difference.


Our Mission

The Space Commercialisation Engine is here to make the space-sector more accessible.

Using Earth Observation data and offering Design and Technical support to those with great ideas, we hope to work with you to explore commercial opportunities for the growth of your business and identify solutions to bring about great change.


Download the application form

Launch Event - 13 October

In celebration of this new capability at Space Park Leicester, we’re delighted to invite you to our first-ever event, taking place on Wednesday 13 October 2021.

Join us to hear about the latest developments from within the East Midlands’ growing space cluster, how the Space Commercialisation Engine can help to grow your business and make a difference, as well as meeting representatives from some fantastic space-focused organisations.

The event taking place in a hybrid format will allow attendees, in-person and virtually, to see the opportunities and value of our business support programme.

Register Now

About Us

The capabilities of using satellite data and technologies are vast, having already tackled some of the most challenging societal problems globally. But with satellite data becoming increasingly more accessible, there is the opportunity for new and existing innovators to capitalise and help grow the market.

Space Park Leicester is set to co-host academia and businesses, engaging in collaborative space research both in the upstream and downstream, with an investment of over £135 million in buildings, facilities and people focussed on developing the space knowledge economy. With an ambition of Leicester becoming a world leading manufacturer of satellites and a centre for data services, contributing £750 million a year to the economy.


The Satellite Applications Catapult is an active part of this mission, in collaboration with University of Leicester and proud to bring you the Space Commercialisation Engine, looking to grow the space economy by driving ideas into new commercial offerings.

It will provide a fail-fast, agile, and cost-effective way to develop a mature ideas pipeline for commercialisation and provide new IP and licensing opportunities to industry. It will provide a robust mechanism to test the viability of technology in the context of real market challenges with a business centric journey to market, while de-risking and accelerating the technology readiness of EO technology and applications.

The Catapult is uniquely positioned to support that translation opportunity, building on 7 years of experience of enabling business, empowering technology, and energising the market, complementing the strengths of Leicester as an international leader in Earth Observation research.


Research into key opportunities and exploration of capability and knowledge in an open environment. Researchers and commercial partners work together to establish the key research questions and topics to progress.

Innovation and Development

Development and innovation through collaboration, leading to design and demonstration of systems that address Earth Observation idea advancement.


Commercialisation support led by operators and service providers to ensure commercial viability and realisation of climate and resilience benefits of space-based assets.

No matter what stage your company is at, if you have an innovative idea and think we can help, we would like to hear. Whether you’re someone starting out on their journey using satellite data or an established company looking to expand or broaden its capability, we’re here to help.

Why us? How are we different?

  • The Space Commercialisation Engine is a new addition to the UK Business Support Ecosystem.
  • It is complimentary to existing ecosystem services.
  • The programme takes a user-centred design approach to product acceleration.
  • It is connected to the wider Space Innovation community through its links to the Satellite Applications Catapult.
  • Access to state of the art support and facilities, in partnership with the new Leicester Space Park.
  • A flexible and tailored workflow to support your business’s needs and success by our diverse and skilled team.
  • No matter where you are in your business cycle, you can find the right support here.
Read our FAQs

Who is it for


START UP - Entrepreneurs who want to start-up


SCALE UP - SMEs who want to scale-up


SPACE UP - Businesses that want to space-up

How it works

We want everyone to get the most out of this collaboration and give you the best chance of success.


  • Welcome to the Space Commercialisation Engine
  • Eligibility - A quick check to see if you comply with our eligibility requirements.
  • Agreement to our terms and conditions - A recommendation to take a look at these to make sure you’re happy.
  • Onboarding

  • Application - Our online application form lets us get to know you, about your business, idea, support needed and what you want to gain by working with us.
  • Diagnostic - We review your idea and see how we can help
  • Proposal - Upon reviewing how we can help, we will draft out a journey of what you can expect our collaboration to look like.
  • Agreement to Proceed - Once we’re all happy, it’s time to sign and begin working together.
  • Design Process

  • Research amd Concept Generation - Research and understanding of the idea and market needs, and identify a solution
  • Concept Development - Technical investigation to explore viable options to define a solution
  • Prototyping - Minimum viable product definition, evaluation and development. User testing of prototypes needed to refine solution
  • Commercialisation support - Identifying next steps to market and launch a solution
  • Project Completion

  • We have completed our project!
  • Aftercare support
  • Our Objectives

    • Convene an International Partnership for development of Space/Earth Observation ideas
    • Establish multidisciplinary advisory board(s) for technical, ethical and commercial guidance and advice
    • Secure funding for delivery of Research, Development and Innovation, and Commercial programs of activity
    • Promotion, awareness raising and capacity building for space-based idea advancement.
    • Support the Design, Development, Demonstration and Operationalisation of the unique Space Commercialisation Engine

    What are the benefits?

    • Access to expertise to help make the most of cutting-edge satellite data
    • De-risking product development and increase market demand with an agile, user-centred approach
    • Reducing the time to market for new ideas, supported by robust business model strategies
    • Access to Space Park Leicester’s additional on-site business support service ecosystem
    • Increasing market reach through access to strategic partnerships across the UK
    • Engage in-person or virtually using state of the art collaboration technology
    Read our FAQs

    Our Home

    The Space Commercialisation Engine will be based in and leverage the Catapult investment made in tools, design and technology facilities at the Space Enterprise Lab at the Space Park Leicester. The launch of this office, alongside the intense business support delivered through this programme, will create a significant centre of mass for the Catapult outside of Harwell.

    The creation of this Engine is certainly timely as Leicestershire has been announced as one of three new High Potential Opportunities (HPO) areas for the space sector.  The HPO scheme, coordinated by DIT, identifies opportunities to attract foreign direct investment into emerging sectors, regions and clusters – creating new jobs and growth.

    Get in touch

    As well as applicants to collaborate with, we are also looking for:

    • Manufacturing partners
    • Earth observation experts
    • Other

    To start your application, please download the form below.

    Download the application form

    The Catapult's Space Commercialisation Engine will be based in a physical hub in Leicester where technologists, academics, entrepreneurs and investors

    work closely together to bring EO enabled ideas quickly to market.